Whaddaweek #9

5 Things You Should Be Watching

Session 9

A great creepy indie horror movie lead by the stoic powerhouse Peter Mullan. An asbestos abatement crew goes into an old psychiatric hospital and... You guessed it... Creepy shenigans ensue. The most notable person involved is writer director Brad Anderson who also pulled the same duties on The Machinist but is also a prolific television director taking the reins of such series as The Killing, Fringe, Boardwalk Empire, Treme, Rubicon, Hand of God, Man in the High Castle, The Sinner and Titans to name more than a few.

Night Man

A comic book show based on Malibu Comics' Ultraverse. Night Man is Johnny Domino, San Francisco's most famous saxophone jazz musician who, one day while playing an event, gets stuck by a peculiar bit of lightning that unlocks his ability to sense evil thoughts. Toss in a super suit that makes him bulletproof & invisible with the ability to fly & fire a laser from an eye and you got a great, fun, 90s entry into comic book tv. PS He's not the fighter of Dayman.

The Changeling

A completely different experience than the normal "haunted house movie." They lovingly skip all the hemming and hawing over what's real and fake and instead get the mystery going. And that might be because it was made in 1980, but either way I appreciate it. It also stuck the landing. Great stuff all around.


Great Canadian horror indie. Could be seen as a precursor to Saw. A group of people get trapped in a maze of identical rooms some perfectly normal and some with deadly booby traps.

The Blackcoat's Daughter

A quiet little independent horror/thriller. Very atmospheric and slow burning. Two girls are left waiting for their parents before holiday break at a boarding school while one girl is trying to make it back. It's well made and subtly performed.

5 Things You Should Be Listening To

Seaway - Big Vibe

The boys from Ontario unleashed their 90s alternative influenced follow-up, to Vacation. With their previous release, they detoured a little from the straight forward pop punk they were originally playing. Now they've detoured a little more, really embracing the 90s alternative sounds of bands like Third Eye Blind, and Weezer.

Mayday Parade - Out of Here (Single)

It's a stretch to call this release a 'single', as it's actually three songs. Mayday Parade dip their toes back in with their latest release, and it's more of the classic Mayday Parade we've come to love.

MXPX - Broken Bones

In the not so distant future we will be doing an episode on some of the MXPX EPs they released over the years. One of those is Broken Bones. So, go listen to this jam - even though this is the Ten Years Running version, it's still a great song.

Port Maria - Lights Out

Port Maria are a pop punk band from New Jersey, and Philadelphia, on Sinking Ship Records. They may just become your new favourite band.

Braid - Frame & Canvas

You can't deny how good this record is. Frame & Canvas cemented Braid in the post-hardcore world. They'd break up, and get back together a few years ago, to release their record No Coast - which is also worth a listen.

Whaddaweek it was. Thanks again to feji for contributing. Maybe we will do this again next week.

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