Whaddaweek #7

Here we go again.

5 Movies/Shows You Should Be Watching

Everyone, welcome fejimanz to 'the show'. He is here to guide you on your movie and television journey, with 5 Things You Should Be Watching.

1. Ted Lasso:

My favorite new show of the year is unexpected in its positivity and positive is what we need this year. The whole season is fresh and ready to binge on Apple TV+.

2. The League:

Rewatching this glorious trainwreck of genius comedians. Every episode is golden.

3. Sex Drive:

A little known teenage sex comedy movie with a stellar performance by James Marsden.

4. The Binge:

One night a year all drugs and alcohol are legal. A silly movie and silly is a good right now.

5. Stir Of Echoes:

A great movie that might have been huge if The Sixth Sense didn't come out months earlier.


5 Songs/Albums You Should Be Listening To

There's been a number of notable releases from the last few weeks, but let's not also forget the classics.

1. Bartees Strange:

Bartees dropped his new record this week. He pulls influences from so many genres, it's hard to pinpoint just what his sound is. Catchy. Fun. That's what it is.

2. Seaway:

The boys from Ontario are back! With their new album, Big Vibe, due out in a few weeks, they released the next single Still Blue and it is a jam.

3. Kill The Lights:

With the release of their album, The Sinner, earlier this year, why not have your face melted by this killer livestream they did.

4. No Use For A Name:

Going back in our episode library you'll find an episode we did on NUFAN, and their album More Betterness. You'll hear my lack of desire to go back to the record. Well, this week held some new hope for the skate punk legends, when I decided to check the album Hard Rock Bottom.


This video makes me smile. Why not make the best of a crappy situation? Also, this song makes me make gnarly faces.

if you’re looking for more recommendations, check out Whaddaweek #6, and Whaddaweek #8.

Whaddaweek it was. Thanks again to fejimanz for telling us what we should be watching. Maybe we will do this again next week.


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