Whaddaweek #6

So here we are again. Another week has come and gone, which means more media was consumed.


Not much has changed. I'm still reading Rock Bottom at the Renaissance by Mike Henneberger. Honestly, it's a fun book - even though it's incredibly depressing. In a lot of ways it reminds me of some of my favourites from the likes of Nick Hornby. A little bit of High Fidelity mixed with a little bit of How To Be Good washed down with a whole lot of pills and alcohol.


After finishing Never Have I Ever, I quickly (in one night) went through Challenger: The Final Flight. It was a fascinating look into the Challenger disaster, and the attempted cover up.

Once I finished that, Lindsay and I moved onto something else. Being Canadian, we thought it was time to consume some Canadian television - enter Burden Of Truth. It's a pretty typical setup - big city lawyer sets up shop in a little town. So far it's been pretty decent, minus some poor acting in some scenes, it's intriguing enough to make it through the 'three episode test'.


Whaddaweek it was, for music. So many outstanding releases in the world of punk rock. Some that I've been looking forward to for quite some time, and some that came out of left field. Let's get to it.

I've been looking forward to this record for quite some time. Slick Shoes is a band I have been a fan of since my high school days. When Rotation & Frequency (Tooth & Nail) was announced, I was all in. In fact, we did multiple episodes leading up to this record. I am happy to say, the songs live up to the anticipation. The guitar work on the song Moments is probably the standout for me.

Speaking of bands I've been listening to since my high school days - it was all hands on deck prepping for our upcoming MXPX episode. That meant repeated plays of Secret Weapon (Tooth & Nail) and Plans Within Plans (Rock City). Tune in to this week's episode to find out our in depth thoughts on these records. What can't be said enough though, is just how good the song Far Away off of Plans really is.

I've talked about Goalkeeper before. In fact, I even shared one of their lead up singles, for their new EP Life In Slow Motion (Lost Music Collective), on previous editions of Whaddaweek. That's because all I can do is smile when I hear these guys. I can honestly say these guys have been getting better with each release, and this new EP is no exception. If you're ever having a tough day (and really, who isn't these days?) pop on some Goalkeeper - they're feel good pop punk, that doesn't shy away from every day problems.

Now how about some straight up fun punk rock. Yeah Bud!!! are a band from London, Ontario. They recently released their split with the band Snacks?, also from London. Two bands, and plenty of punctuation. Both of these bands bring a super good time to this split on Get Party! Records - more punctuation...I. Am. Sold.

Go have some fun. Listen to that split.

Time for the record that caught me off guard. I had no idea who FigureItOut was, before they followed us on Instagram. I saw they just released a record called Searching For More, so I decided to check it out. Man, am I glad I did that. This record reminds me of a mix of the best parts of Neck Deep, Mayday Parade, and Neighborhoods era blink-182. If you haven't listened - get on it.

Whaddaweek it was. Maybe I'll do this again next week.

- David


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