Whaddaweek #5


Well, it finally happened. I did it. I finished Our Band Could Be Your Life by Michael Azerrad. I appreciate what this book brings to the table, by documenting indie music through the 80s. I'll admit, I've often looked down my nose at the 80s music scene, and rightfully so. There was a lot of terrible stuff in the mainstream. What this book did was show me more of the indie scene, and where a lot of my favourite bands would have their roots. Without bands like Minor Threat, Black Flag, Dinosaur Jr, Fugazi, and The Replacements, there might not be a lot of my favourite bands.

Once I finished Our Band, I immediately jumped into the next book on my list - Rock Bottom at the Renaissance by Mike Henneberger. This book is described as 'an emo kids journey through falling in and out of love in and with New York City'. I've never been to NYC but that tagline hooked me right away. From what I can gather, Henneberger tells his story through a playlist of songs including artists like Jimmy Eat World, Bayside, The Dangerous Summer, The Wonder Years and more. I'm only a few chapters in, but so far there's plenty of booze, self-loathing, and escorts. That's what every good story is made of, right?

In a surprise twist, Aaron submitted something he's been reading. He has been going through a bunch of his old Alternative Press magazines, and reading the articles. Rumor has it, he's also been using those magazines during arts and crafts time.


It was a productive week for Lindsay, and myself, with what we are watching. First, we finished Away (Netflix). All I can say is this: if you haven't watched this show, stop reading this right now and just go watch the show...it's that good. Since the introduction of streaming, and the increase in popularity of binge watching, this is one of those shows where I'm disappointed that I watched it so early on, if only because there is just the one season to consume right now.

After we wrapped that up, we looked for a new show. What we found was I Am Not Okay With This (Netflix). This coming-of-age show tells the story of Sydney Novak a high school student who is going through some out-of-this-world changes in her life. Mix that in with hormones, and all the drama that comes with high school, and you've got yourself a story. All I will say is one of the final scenes of the season is incredible. It looks like Netflix had originally picked it up for a second season, but has since dropped it, which is a huge disappointment because the season finale leaves you hanging.

After finishing two shows, we decided to move on to another coming-of-age comedy - Never Have I Ever. We are only a couple of episodes in but this Mindy Kaling project has kept me laughing pretty regularly.

Aaron was back on to new shows this week, watching Green Leaf (Netflix). Stories say he watches this show while working on his arts and crafts.


I recently came across a podcast called the High Fives Punk Rock Podcast. On it, they did an episode of misheard lyrics. These next two picks came from some of the artists they mentioned, which proceeded to take over a lot of my listening attention this week.

While this wasn't the Lagwagon song they referenced, the episode lead me down a Lagwagon rabbit hole.

Again, this wasn't the Sunday's Best song they referenced, but this is a dang good song. It is at least off the album they referenced.

Knuckle Puck's new album 20/20 finally came out. This song still might be my favourite on the album, but only time will tell.

Into It. Over It. also dropped a new album. It's a nice laid back listen.

Other new music worth digging into this week are releases from Movements, Eastwood, and Yours Truly.

Aaron also sent his weekly picks in.

Some great podcasts were also consumed this week. As mentioned, I dug into the High Fives Punk Rock Podcast and their two latest episodes. I also started listening to Bomber a true crime podcast about the 2018 Austin serial bomber.

Aaron recommended a few podcasts as well. He suggests listening to the Bigwig episode of Talking Records Podcast, as well as the Top 10 Tooth & Nail Releases episode of List It.

Whaddaweek it was! Maybe we will do this again next week.

- David


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