Whaddaweek #3

Back for another week, but this time Aaron is here too!


David: Nothing new to report here, still reading Our Band Could Be Your Life. Getting a lot closer to the end though. Maybe come back next week to see what's next!

Aaron: N/A


David: Lindsay and I are getting closer to finishing the latest season of 13 Reasons Why. At one point I felt they had jumped the shark with some of the drama this season, but they seem to have reeled it back in, at least temporarily.

Aaron: Apple TV - Servant & Truth Be Told

Amazon - Chicago PD

Netflix - Chefs Table BBQ



This song reminds me of 80s teen movies. The latest record from Stand Atlantic has been out for a bit, but it's got some nice poppy jams.

If you want something a little mathy, with some strong half-time vibes, standards is for you.

The boys in Goalkeeper keep putting out feel good pop punk jams.

Elvis Costello has been in heavy rotation, on my turntable this week.

Is this the best Alkaline Trio song? We discussed it on a previous episode, and I just can't get enough of it.

How about some new music. Barely Civil dropped a fantastic album.

Don't Sleep, featuring former Dag Nasty/ALL/Down By Law frontman Dave Smalley, dropped a melodic hardcore record you don't want to sleep on.

Cold Years may win the week with their incredible album Paradise.


Whaddaweek it was. Maybe we'll do this again next week.