Whaddaweek #2

I did it! I came back for another weekly wrap up! Everyone congratulate me.

Now that I've patted myself on the back for doing the bare minimum, let's get into the week.

Whaddam I Reading?

To be fair, I'm a slow reader, so I'm still working my way through Our Band Could Be Your Life. This book is a great read. I'm not instantly a fan of every single band Michael Azerrad chose to write about here, but the way he tells the story of the American Indie scene, through the 80's, keeps you moving forward. I'm sure I've repeated myself ad nauseam, when it comes to this book.

Whaddam I Watching?

Lindsay and I finished up Good Girls Season 3. It's one of the few shows that we come back to with the release of each season. I can't help but get nostalgic every time Matthew Lillard, or Ethan Suplee are on screen. Just a couple of actors from some of my favourite movies, but can you guess which movies?

We moved on to another show that we've been with since season 1, that's 13 Reasons Why. We are only a few episodes in, but I think I am tiring out on this show. The first season was addictive, and they kept the intrigue over the next few. I'm sure I'll get hooked, and get through it, but really...how much can these kids take?

This past weekend was also NXT Takeover XXX, which meant I was up to my eyeballs in professional wrestling. Through the entirety of this pandemic, wrestling has been the one thing that has carried on, and for that I am grateful. Call me a nerd, call me whatever, I enjoy it.

We also decided it was time. Time to introduce our kids to one of the greatest family movies of all time - Hook.

Whaddam I Listening To?

Let's start with something older. The Replacements are one of the bands featured in Our Band which means I had to give them a listen, while reading through their chapter. While they gained more mainstream success as they went on, I can't help but fall in love with the snarl and attitude, all shined up with pop sheen, seen on their debut Sorry Ma! Forgot To Take Out The Trash!

From there it was all prep for our upcoming episode on MXPX. You'll find out, in the episode, that I wasn't a big fan of Panic when it came out, but it struck a nice chord this week...one that kept me coming back.

We recently had a band reach out and ask us to check out their latest song. Blackout by Bad Year is a jam. Melodic punk rock to get you through these strange times.

Parker Cannon is back, but not with The Story So Far, nope. This time he's gone back to more of his skate punk roots with his project No Pressure. They released a 5 song self-titled EP that clocks in under 10 minutes.

Every now and then I get adventurous on Apple Music, and click on an album suggested for me. I think the particular suggestion was something like 'if you want to listen to more rock', which sounds unbelievably tempting. Well, the band was Last Call and the album was Dog Years. Immediately I was struck with The Greatest Generation era Wonder Years, but not feeling like a rip off. I'm excited to dive a little deeper with this band.

Wilmette might be a band on the cusp of breaking out in the pop punk scene. With the upcoming release of their self-titled EP, I've been digging the pre-release singles. They're like a less djenty, more melodic, Belmont.

Finally, let's discuss a record that hit me from out of left field. I think I was over at chorus.fm reading through some of the new releases, when someone in the forums suggested the album Knock Yourself Out by Phony. I didn't realize I was looking for an album that I can best describe as Elliott Smith-meets 90s alt-rock-who has been hanging out with Sorority Noise, but I'm glad I found it.

Whaddaweek it was. Maybe I'll do this again next week.