Whaddaweek #12

Whaddaweek is back! These are our picks for new music, for February 12, 2021.

Sudden Waves - We're All Connected

This isn't the first go around for, Montreal based melodic hardcore band, Sudden Waves, but they were a pleasant surprise to me. We're All Connected is the follow up to 2018's Meet Me Halfway.

This record absolutely bangs. From the opening track, We're All Connected, to the closer V E R T I G O, it all hits hard. In fact, it's the closing moments of the final track that provided me with a 'holy shit' moment. My first time through the song, I had an audible reaction by myself, in the car.

'Or is it just my vertigo? You know I've always been in love with the fall'

- David

Teenage Wrist - Earth Is a Black Hole

Teenage Wrist is a band that I heard a number of people talking about. So, when I saw this album was incoming, I pre-added it.

Earth Is a Black Hole is a mood record for me. One that I want to listen to when I'm in a certain mood, but it's also capable of creating that mood. It's not a light listen by any means, with lyrics touching on drug addiction and the present state of the world. But, they make it palatable by drawing from 90s alternative influences, a bit of dream pop, and post hardcore/emo.

'Stomp me out, I'm burning red, but now I'm done/It's a symptom of growing up/I can't help but feel that we're/All/Fucked'

- David

Trash Boat - He's So Good

Trash Boat is back, and I couldn't be happier. They've taken a bit of a spin on their sound, on their new single He's So Good, but it all works incredible well. I saw some comments floating around, calling them Muse Boat - and this couldn't be more accurate. It's the Trash Boat sound you love, with a nice dose of Muse theatrics in their sound.

The subject matter of this song is important, and the video is heartbreaking. The instrumental breakdown, on the bridge, crushes you with all its might.

'He broke down when he lost his mother/But he found love in the arms of another/His father so austere/his boy is a fucking queer/It makes him want to scream'

- David

Drones - Our Hell Is Right Here

When I first saw the name Drones, and the artwork, I was intrigued. The artwork definitely has a different feel to it. Something you might not expect with a band that sounds like this, but it’s definitely eye catching.

I decided to look them up on YouTube and see if I could hear a new track from the album, as it wasn’t out yet. I was immediately hit with the title track, so I kept listening.

Bands like trash boat and rise against came to mind. The songs have great energy which creates a solid back bone to the songs while the vocals of Lois McDougall help bring great melodies to the forefront and carry the songs.

“Listen” is a cool acoustic song that helps to break up the album and shows a different side to the band. Overall this is a fantastic album by an up and coming band to keep your eyes on. I’ll be sure to be revisiting this album very soon.

'The colours are fading out/The more I learn about the world/the sadder I become'

- Aaron


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