Top 5 Facedown Records Albums - According to Ryan Leitru

Ran Leitru of For Today and Nothing Left on Facedown Records

Facedown Records. In a lot of ways it is the label (alongside Solid State) when it comes to Christian hardcore. With alumni that includes Comeback Kid, Gideon, Sleeping Giant and Impending Doom - it holds a pretty important place in the scene. Not to mention their current roster including bands like American Arson, Dens, My Epic, and Comrades.

Ryan Leitru played in one of those earlier bands, when he played guitar in For Today. In fact, he currently plays in a Facedown band called Nothing Left.

In this episode, Aaron chats with him about their shared history of being on Facedown Records (Aaron played drums in the band Means), and get to sharing their Top 5 releases from the label.

You can listen to that episode here, or you can scroll down and read their respective lists below.

Aaron's Top 5 Facedown Records Albums

5. Falling Cycle - The Conflict

4. xDeathstarx - We Are the Threat

3. Seventh Star - Dead End

2. Gideon - Milestone

1. For Today - Breaker

Ryan's Top 5 Facedown Records Releases

5. Take It Back - Atrocities

4. Sleeping Giant - I Am

3. Means - To Keep Me From Sinking

2. My Epic - Broken Voice

Comeback Kid - Turn It Around

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