Slick Shoes - Rotation & Frequency: Collecting Vinyl

When Slick Shoes announced they were releasing a new album, excitement was in the air.

I've talked about this a fair bit, on the podcast, but Slick Shoes are one of the first bands I really fell in love with.

They released some of the most impactful records, in my teenage years. At a time when I was most impressionable, they left a lasting impression.

So, I put zero thought into whether or not I was going to pre-order Rotation & Frequency (Tooth & Nail) on vinyl. The only real question was whether I would get a bundle with a t-shirt (I did) and which variant I'd choose.

The mail finally came, and the record is now in my possession, and care. Watch below to hear my thoughts on the pressing, and a review of the album itself.


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