MXPX: Collecting Vinyl

MXPX is that band. The band that kicked down the door to my little music world, and changed me forever.

I can still remember the first time I heard them, as I listened through my sister's copy of Seltzer, a compilation of mostly forgettable bands. Except for one. MXPX.

From the moment I heard the opening lines of the song Teenage Politics I knew I was in trouble. I needed to go out and buy whatever I could get my hands on. Full lengths, EPs, compilations, singles, whatever.

There was a period where I stopped buying music from MXPX because I told myself I had grown up. I was too mature to listen to pop punk anymore. Eventually I'd get over my idiocy, and come back to a genre, and a band, that I loved.

Around that same time, when I was coming back to pop punk, I was also just getting in to collecting vinyl. Once again though, I was a bit of a dunce, and thought only old music was to be played on vinyl.

Eventually I'd get over my idiocy again, and would start buying albums that were released when I was growing up. Unfortunately, because of my latency that also meant I missed out on a bunch of great albums that were now rare, and expensive.

So, with all of that, here is my MXPX vinyl collection.