iDKHOW - Razzmatazz: REVIEW

I DON'T KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME (iDKHOW) is a project of equal parts buzz and mystery. Before even releasing their first full length album, they had played Reading & Leeds, as well as shared the stage with artists like The Killers, Billie Eilish and blink-182.

Dallon Weekes & Panic! At The Disco

Even their debut was mysterious as they played a small show, in a small club. Following that, their front man began denying the existence of the band.

From there, videos began surfacing depicting the band in their 'earlier days'. Videos time stamped spanning the years from 1964 to 1983. Was this a band time forgot? Were they a band that missed their big break?

In reality, iDKHOW is the brainchild of front man Dallon Weekes, a singer and multi-instrumentalist best known for his years spent in Panic! At The Disco (bass, keys, backing vocals, song-writing).

But that was then, and this is now.

Before releasing their debut full length. Before even signing to a label. iDKHOW hit it out of the park, by racking up millions of streams on Spotify, on just a few singles.

With the release of Razzmatazz (Fearless), Weekes and Co. are out to prove their early success is no fluke.

80's New Wave Is Alive & Well

The album opens with Leave Me Alone a bouncy, incredibly catchy, introduction to the album. 'Now I want you to leave me alone/they say the devil that you know is better than the devil that you don't/Oh you're a big shot here, but nobody else knows'. The music may be upbeat and fun, but Weekes isn't mincing words.

Nobody Likes The Opening Band is an ode to all those hard working musicians that play to half empty rooms, while people show up late or smoke their cigarettes outside. The message is simple - go in and watch the opening band, you may just discover your new favourite band. 'So take pity on the opening band/'Cause no one came to see them except their mom and dad/But if you lend an ear and give them just one little chance/You may just like the opening band'.

Yeah, but didn't The Killers already do this?

There are similarities to The Killers on this album, to be sure, but most of that lies in production tricks (slap-back vocal delay) and an infatuation with the 80's. Where The Killers would take a straightforward approach, iDKHOW like to turn the funk up and get you to dance.

'For you I'd die, or kill myself/whatever makes you smile'. Isn't love grand? From The Gallows, with its 6/8 swing and weird robot voice, shows us just how complicated love can be.

While it's easy to describe Razzmatazz as just another 80's nostalgia throwback, it does something a little different. It doesn't just use synth sounds from your favourite new wave bands, iDKHOW also manage to make you feel like you're on a journey through time with samples and sound manipulation - making the record sound like a warbling tape is a nice touch.

Put this record on. I dare you not to dance. Good luck. It's also a great way to spend an evening in - with the days getting shorter, and the weather getting colder, this album is a good fit.

Standout Tracks on Razzmatazz

  1. Leave Me Alone

  2. Nobody Likes The Opening Band

  3. From The Gallows

  4. Need You Here

  5. Razzmatazz

What did you think of Razzmatazz by iDKHOW. If you like this record, be sure to read our review of Wild, Free by Acceptance, by clicking here.


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