Gone Digging: Thrift Store Finds

There's something about going into a thrift store, sifting through all the junk, and coming away with treasure.

Admittedly, before COVID-19, I may have had a thrifting problem. In fact, whenever my wife and I would go on a date, it would almost certainly end up at a thrift store.

We had our favourites, and some others that we would only venture to if we had a ton of time.

Most recently, we masked up, restocked our hand sanitizer and got to digging.

I used to head to thrift stores in search of vinyl records, and t-shirts. California sports team t-shirts, to be exact.

These days, however, my search is a little less specific. I rarely ever look for vinyl. In fact, I may spend a total of 30 seconds sifting through polka, and Mormon Tabernacle Choir albums, before I give up and move on.

Now, I tend to look more for t-shirts of any variety, as long as they fit, and CDs.

I've spent a lot of time trying to rebuild my CD collection - replacing ones that are scratched, or replacing ones I sold years ago, to buy a pool table. I also search for classic albums I may have never owned.

This time around, I came back with a pretty good haul. Some I've owed, and some that are entirely brand new to my collection.