Elder Abuse - Take It Easy: REVIEW

Elder Abuse - Take It Easy

'H-E-L-P with capital letters!'

With the very first line of the record, Winnipeg punk rockers, Elder Abuse have offered up an apt summation of 2020.

With their latest EP, Take It Easy (Little Rocket Records), the five-piece band have followed up their last album Burn, quite nicely.

Vocalist Alex Guidy wastes little time drawing you into the record, as he barks out the first lines of the opening track Take It Easy. The Chris Crestwell (The Flatliners, Hot Water Music) is a nice little surprise as well.

'Emergency, I've forgotten how to breathe on my own, on my own'

While it's only three songs long, Take It Easy is a well put together experience. They manage to fill it out with varying dynamics and tempos that make for a quick, but enjoyable, listen - fit to be played over and over.

Elder Abuse family photo

Morning Song starts with drummer, Dan Don, with a driving beat on the toms and snare, accompanied by Michael Fardoe and Brendan Mclean, with their guitars soaked in effects. Sean Kaye brings it all together on the bass, for a very 90s influenced intro, before the song opens up.

'I wake up with the sun/two No Name Extra Strength to keep me up/old habits with a slightly softer touch/I wake up with the sun'

The third track Bored, is anything but boring. Guidy jumps straight in as he sings 'stick your neck out/you'll feel better tomorrow/there's no doubt'. This song serves as a great way to finish off this short journey. With the laid back feel of the previous song, this one follows the softer jabs with a straight right hook.

'I wish I had a dream/these songs don't mean anything to me/what's left of you and me/let's pick up on that old time chemistry'

It's three songs, and only nine minutes long, but it warrants repeat listens. Take It Easy, by Elder Abuse, is it worthy of being one of your favourite releases of the year? Friggin' rights, Bud!


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