So you may be asking yourself, 'dude, you have a podcast...why write a blog?'

The simple answer? Why not?!

I get it. Podcasts have no rules. We can literally talk about whatever we want. But sometimes I just want to write.

So, welcome.

The idea with the website is simple. It'll be a place where you can listen to all of the episodes, but also a place where you will find reviews that don't end up as episodes, as well as whatever other music related things I choose to write about.

Sometimes the posts might even be supplemental to the episodes themselves. Your life truly won't be complete until you've listened to the episode and read the accompanying post.

Maybe it'll be long rambling thoughts on why saying something 'sucks' is pointless. Or maybe it'll be short and sweet posts sharing a new song from a band I like, with a few thoughts. Who knows.

It may also be a place where I share thoughts on some concerts I've seen recently, or opinions on books I've read.

That last one is funny. I don't actually read.

Whatever the case, I have the blog for the same reason the podcast exists...to talk about whatever I want - within a certain parameter that I have set for myself, and will abide by as if it is my life's creed. Maybe I'll just write a blog about Creed.

Don't expect any Pulitzer Prize winning content here, but stick around if you'd like.

In closing...keep fit and have fun.